Inner Child Exercises

Are there any exercises? Can you have them do something to be able to relate to each other in that way?

In emotionally focused therapy, that’s kind of the way that I do it. Part of that therapy is getting one person to really do all of the talking at the beginning. You know, asking them what that’s like for them. What it’s like to constantly be nagged. What it’s like to constantly feel from their partner that they’re not good enough. I feel that the more that you repeat those questions and get them to a place where they can be honest and get in touch with that feeling, it just naturally comes up. It’s extremely powerful. You see the change, kind of right before your eyes. There is no written exercise, because it’s not a cognitive process. It’s totally an emotional process, so there’s no writing about it, or there’s no physical exercises to do. My role in getting them in touch with their feelings


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