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End Shame and Emotional Pain

Shame is the most negative and pervasive component to Sex Addiction.  Learn the tools that are used to remove it and recover. As a byproduct, you will claim a new form of self-esteem, and a wonderful sex life beyond your wildest dreams.


Experience Sex with Connection - Mind Blown!

This program aims to restore sex to the wonderful experience that it is meant to be. Finally, you will start to FULLY enjoy, and crave shame free, fun filled, intimate sex with someone you love.


Stop and STAY stopped

This rigorous program has launched many thousands into recovery from sex addiction. It addresses the behavioral, emotional, and spiritual components of sex in sobriety, The method is succinct, practical, and very user friendly!


Worlds #1 Sex Rehab- Patrick Carnes Recovery Start -Now From HOME - Available to Everyone

Benefit from Patrick Carnes' Recovery Start System, which celebrity's pay over $100,000 for a 10 week course . Do individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Choose Your Path and Pace - 

Start with our introductory educational offerings and starter program, or commit to a weekly intensive, with group therapy, individual therapy, and psycho-educational classes.

Get Help Now!

Choose your path out of the darkness of shame and negative consequences, and into the light of recovery

"They give you the recipe, ingredients, and bake the cake with you over and over again until you get it. I can now bake my own recovery cake. I have my life back."

Keith M
Professional Athlete

"These guys saved my marriage, carrier, but most importantly they saved my life. Not only are they masters in the field of sex addiction, they seem to intuitively know what challenges the client faces and communicates what to do, in a no nonsence fashion. Brutally honest, I love this about them. Run, don't walk!"

Javier L
Attorney - Florida

"I entered into Charlene's group not knowing if it would help. I felt I had tried everything, and NOTHING was working. Now, after going through her group, I am still amazed at all I learned about my addiction and myself. I am extremely grateful for how I have learned to handle triggers. I am also blessed to have Josh as my guide in recovery. Rather than focusing on the bitterness and victimhood of past situations, he has helped me see the silver linings. A big thank you to both of them just doesn’t cover it."

Giovanni B
Sales Executive

"When I met Charlene I did not like her so much at first. I was used to hugs and praises and warm fuzzy feelings in therapy. This is not how she approached me. She showed me a book that I should read and walked me through it. She came to me with the truth which was hard to take at times. Having relapsed many times, I now wish that I would have taken her suggestions immediately. Working with Josh (Charlene's husband) who has been through it all, I am now using the tools and staying sober one day at a time. Josh does not hold back (which I appreciate) and is a person that truly cares about the suffering that sex addicts go through. He is one of recovery, giving back."

Gus P
IT Contractor

Start Your Journey out of the Shadows and into Love, Light, and a fantastic sex life!


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