Can a marriage survive infidelity?

I think a marriage can survive anything as long as two people are willing to work on it. I think the infidelity needs to be explored as to the why. The one thing that I always make clear is that someone who goes outside of the marriage never does it because they weren’t getting the good stuff at home, they weren’t getting their needs met at home. When people go outside of the marriage it’s really about, I believe, needs that they have as an individual that they don’t even know that they have and then they’re put in the situation where a stranger comes in and taps into those needs and their brains like explode.

They didn’t even know they were missing anything, so they were never able to share it with their partners. I think when we start looking at that and they’re able to explain certain things to their partner, there definitely is hope.

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Post: Can a marriage survive infidelity?