Why Couples are Seeking Counseling Services

Despite what many may believe, couples therapy does not only focus on major problems, infidelities or betrayals. In this post we are going to tell you about the 5 main reasons why couples are seeking counseling.

The primary reason couples seek therapy can be distilled to just this: learning how to communicate successfully. The issue is two-fold. First, there is difficulty expressing our feelings, wants, needs, and concerns in a kind and loving way. Second, and perhaps most importantly, there is difficulty in actually, truly listening to our partner in a way that makes them feel validated, and “heard.” Therapy will help you learn to communicate in a way that removes these obstacles to intimacy. 

The second reason why a couple seeks therapy services is simply to take their “connection” to the next level.  A marriage or relationship may already be in very good shape, and the couple might choose to give it that extra bit of care or “maintenance” to lead to even better intimacy

A couple in conflict has only one goal: to heal and learn to solve problems in a healthy way. Sometimes there is an unfortunate event or situation that the couple simply cannot overcome easily on their own. Meeting with a highly skilled and impartial therapist, in a safe environment, often gives the couple insight into the issue which would not otherwise become clear. This often saves couples valuable time and needless emotional pain. It also provides invaluable new tools for healthy conflict resolution. 

A fourth reason why couples would seek counselling would be to reconnect by giving the relationship a reset; to place it ahead of all else aside from self-care. That’s right, above work, children, and extended family. When the couple is “vibing” well together, all other challenges seem to be met with much greater ease. When life gets difficult, especially with work and children, it behooves couples to go into therapy for a chance to get their priorities straight and put each other at the top of the “to do” list (pun intended).

And finally a couple goes to therapy to discuss complicated issues, generally they have to do with: sex, money, parenting, in-laws, religion, etc. Having a third party as a mediator to discuss these types of situations makes it much easier to talk.

We want to give you a Weekly Mood Log where you can track your emotions, and the state of your connectedness with your partner.  You can print it and share it with your partner or carry it on your phone to have access to it wherever whenever you need a self check-in.

Weekly Mood Log

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Post: Why Couples are Seeking Counseling Services