Addiction Treatment in Miami

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Like Cancer, HIV, and many others, alcoholism and drug addiction are both considered a bona fide disease. They are  chronic, progressive and fatal diseases if not treated. Treating the disease of addiction and the fallout from substance abuse can be incredibly challenging for healthcare professionals. Most Mds have had less than 6 hours of total training in this field. As a team of Certified Addiction Professionals we have overseen the successful recovery of literally hundreds of patients. Their success has hinged upon three tenets: Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness. Whether you are a family member of someone struggling with these issues, or are grappling with addiction yourself, you do not have to go on suffering. I am able to offer the following substance abuse related services:

One on one counseling on substance abuse issues
Court mandated drug and alcohol assessments
Family drug or alcohol intervention planning and facilitation
Counseling for adult children of alcoholics
Counseling of spouses and other codependent family members
Relapse prevention techniques and training
Sober living guidance

The Stages of Addiction
Addiction can be seen as a set of experiences that move in a specific direction. These experiences bring about changes within a person.

becomes a way of life
continually changing

These are the three stages that precede sobriety:

Stage One: Internal Change

Stage Two: Lifestyle Change

Stage Three: Life Breakdown
Into Recovery
Recovery from addiction is a new way of life. It is a lifestyle choice. To echo a common 12 step phrase: “The only thing that has to change is everything.”

Is participation in 12 step recovery a requirement? No, it isn’t, however having regular contact with a support system, and meeting with others dealing with the same challenges, can make recovery a lot easier. Having accountability with others can be critical as well.

A change in people, places, and things (activities) needs to take place.

Our therapists will be able to help you navigate the road to recovery from addiction, if you are willing to put in some work of your own, and maintain open-mindedness.

At present, addiction is increasingly being seem in the medical community as an intimacy disorder.


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