Effects of Sex Addiction

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The Effects of Sex Addiction


Relationship problems

Sex addiction can lead to strained or broken relationships due to the secrecy and dishonesty associated with it. It can also lead to a decreased interest in or avoidance of intimate relationships, as well as cheating and infidelity.

Social problems

People with sex addiction may have difficulty forming or maintaining meaningful relationships. They may also struggle to find or keep a job due to their preoccupation with sexual activities.

Mental health issues

People with sex addiction are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues due to the secrecy and guilt associated with their behavior. On the other hand, compulsive sex may be a way for a person to numb emotional pain, or “zone out,” to cope with feelings of frustration, anger, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Dual diagnosis (addiction and other mental health conditions) is fairly common. For this reason, it is crucial that addiction, and co-occuring  mental health issues are treated concurrently to maintain abstinence, and allow healing to take place.

Physical health issues

Sex addiction can lead to an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses due to unsafe sexual practices. It can also lead to an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems due to the stress associated with the behavior. Cross addiction with substances like alcohol, and narcotics is incredibly common, to numb or dull the shame and pain that at once comes after the sex addict acts out.

Financial problems

Acting out sexually, can take a toll on the addicts finances, without question. The costs of lost jobs, missed career advancement opportunities, time and money spent on pornography, prostitutes, and other forms of acting out, can take quite a financial toll. The cost of divorce attorney’s, medical bills, and forgone opportunities to bond with friends and family are just some of the

The stages of sex addiction?


Intense focus on sexual thoughts, fantasies, and behaviors that become increasingly extreme.


Involvement in increasingly dangerous or illegal sexual behaviors.


Loss of control over sexual behaviors.


Feelings of shame, guilt, and depression related to the addiction.


Acknowledging the addiction, making changes to prevent relapse, and finding healthier ways to cope.

For Help With Effects of Sex Addiction

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Category: Effects of Sex Addiction

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