Patrick Carnes Task 3: Surrendering to the process

The most Common Issues for Couples (16)

Carnes Task 3: Surrendering to the process. What does that mean? Why is it important?

Speaker 2: There definitely has to be a surrender, and a surrender meaning I am open. I’m open to being educated. I’m open to going inside myself and looking. I’m open to disclosing to you my secrets, all the stuff that I’ve done. It coincides with the third step in the twelve-step process, where for me the way that I describe the third step is you just make a decision to continue on with the rest of the steps.

In surrendering to the process in sex addiction recovery, it’s really about making a decision of okay, I’m going to continue with this workbook that we’re working out of. I’m going to continue with the groups. I’m going to continue going to some places where I’m not going to be very comfortable going to, going to some of my childhood trauma or adolescent trauma, and there’s exercises also in surrendering to the process that we work out of the Facing the Shadows book.

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