The Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI)

This exhaustive assessment of sex addiction can save a patient 10+ therapy sessions of work. It can only be administered and decoded by a CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therpist). A patients sex addiction “type”, attachment style, eroticized rage, and a host of other insight is used to customize a treatment plan.

Insight that would take 10 Sessions to gather, in ONE TEST! 

The Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI) 4.0 is a battery of relevant tests organized into one cohesive report. Additionally, the SDI gathers data on various aspects of problematic sexual behavior including typical patterns of consequences, evolution and timing of behavior and thought patterns, as well as therapy readiness. Information is also collected and evaluated on drug use, masturbation, paraphilias, and internet usage behaviors. The results portrayed within the SDI are extremely important for clinicians when establishing a treatment plan for their clients.

Having all of this information available in one report and being able to address 144 different sexual behaviors is essential when treating a complex process addiction such as sex addiction. Therapist and Client reports available.

The SDI is available only to clinicians who have completed the CSAT training and certification program.