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Meet Charlene and Josh

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Welcome to our site CSAT’s! My husband (Josh) and I have spent the better part of the last three years putting together an online program for sex addicts. It is based off of the Recovery Start Kit, and techniques/tools that we have seen work with recovering sex addicts over the years.

We started the process for several reasons. 

(1) There are very few affordable treatment options for sex addicts. 

(2) Covid had just hit, and the idea of an “E-Hab,”  with clients doing individual and group therapy online, was becoming a very real possibility.

(3) I was trained in the Recovery Start Kit process when I became a CSAT, yet the thought of coordinating the program with my clients….beyond the one-on-one work we were doing seemed overwhelming.

(4) I have had fantastic success with clients who commit to doing the work, have accountability, structure, and a support system.

This program aims to check all of those boxes.

I have had much better outcomes with clients that become, and stay, very engaged in the process, using these tools.

About Us

We are a couple who has been together for 15 years and share a love of recovery, service, and helping people navigate life with sex addiction. We also have two beautiful children, Julia (9 years old) and Jacob (5 years old).  

Charlene is an AASECT certified CSAT , specializing in addiction and trauma.  She has been working with sex addicts almost exclusively in her private practice for a decade.

Josh is an entrepreneur, who has actively participated in the South Florida recovery community for the last 20 years, and has finished his CAC (certified addiction counselor) training, and now needs to take his exam! He has helped market our group practice which now includes 4 therapists.  Below, we have video’s that speak to our own personal journey’s in recovery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (in the website header) if you have any questions or suggestions for this program. It is a work in progress, and needs your support!

If you would like a one on one demonstration of how this program works, please feel free to book a time with us

About the Program

Client Facing Pages for Addict and Partner Programs

Sex Addiction Recovery
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Am I A REALLY a Sex Addict? 



One Time


  • SDI Assessment and Review with CSAT
  • Sex Addiction The Complete Guide (20 Videos) $497 Value
  • The 3 Stages of Sex Addiction (36 Videos) $397 Value
  • 50 Barriers to Recovery Video $197 Value
  • Recovery Start – Instructional Videos on the ESSENTIAL Tools for Our Entire Recovery Program $497 Value
  • 10 Page Sex Addiction Recovery Guide and Resources PDF $97 Value
  • Am I A Sex Addict MP3 audio
  • Am I A Sex Addict PDF
  • 3 Stages of Addiction MP3
  • 3 Stages of Addiction PDF 
  • Am I A Sex Addict Homework Assignments

8 Week Intensive Outpatient E-Hab

 Video Tutorials

Video Workshops





  • Self Paced 8 Week E-Hab Recovery Program

  • Over 12 Hours of Online Video Workshop Tutorials:
  • Module 1: Breaking Through Denial
  • Module 2: Addictive Behavior
  • Module 3: Compulsive Sex
  • Module 4: Accepting Illness
  • Module 5: Damage Control
  • Module 6: Sexual Sobriety
  • Module 7: Relapse Prevention
  • Module 8: Sexual Awareness
  • Module 9: Recovery Planning
  • Module 10: The Recovery Plan
  • One Year – On-Line Group Forum Accountability ACCESS


  • Recovery Start Introduction, MP3
  • 42 Audio Meditations with Josh
  • Positive Sexual Focus primer with Josh, MP3
  • 90-Day Focus primer with Josh, MP3


  • A Conversation with John Bradshaw and Dr. Patrick Carnes

 8 Week Intensive Outpatient E-Hab

(Live Workshops + Group + Coaching)

Bring Your Own CSAT





  • (8) 8 Hour Saturday Workshops
  • (8) Weekly 1.5 Hour Small Group (Max 8) Processing Sessions
  • (8) 30 Minute Recovery Coach Check-In
  • One Year – On-Line Group Forum Accountability ACCESS

Full 8 Week E-Hab  Intensive Program 




  • (8) One Hour 1-on-1 Sessions With CSAT