Psychotherapy for Individuals

Common Questions

How Do I Know If I Need Individual Therapy?

Responding to your anxiety and taking action towards building a better future for yourself can take many forms.  Individual therapy is a powerful solution that offers one-on-one attention and support.  Fear and indecision are almost always part of the problem and so it can seem complex.  The simple choice to accept help from a professional should be an easy and self-affirming decision, though it can often seem difficult and complicated.  Depression, anxiety, and stress can come from the most ordinary experiences in everyday life.  Professional support can help in transitions to a new job, house, partner, or parenthood and can lead to healthier relationships, intimacy, and self esteem.  You don’t have to find the answers to life’s questions alone! 

Let us help you with your internal struggle and discover your true potential.  

I Don't Even Know What's Wrong. Can Individual Therapy help Me If I Don't Know What I'm Feeling?

Life is complicated and can be difficult to define.  This ambiguity Our emotions and experiences are multi-layered and overlapping and often change with time and perspective.  This emotional ambiguity can add anxiety to the original source of trauma in an emotional spiral.  It’s understandable to be confused and overwhelmed, which can be reason enough to seek professional support and work towards a clearer understanding of what is going on.  Individual therapy can begin as a direct investigation into the complexities of your life and help make sense of the confusion. 

What Issues Do You Treat With Individual Therapy?

An individual may seek our professional therapy for a variety of issues or disorders that have created a mental health concern.  While we specialize in sex and relationship thereapy, treatment may lead us to trauma originating in a large spectrum of areas including physical/emotional abuse, spiritual/cultural identity or financial challenges.  Whether you are struggling with porn addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, or severe mood swings, your social and intimate relationships suffer and can be improved with consistent treatment.  We can help you find a therapist and style of treatment that fits your individual needs from Psychoanalysis to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or talk/somatic therapy, to put you on the road to a healthy recovery.

I’ve Tried Individual Therapy Before & It Didn’t Work - What If I’m Beyond Help?

Your quality of life can always be worked on and improved and is a combination of one’s personal volition and the relationship and confidence you have with a therapist.  This can be a delicate situation with ever changing variables depending on your personal needs and perspective.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that your mental health is always worth the effort.

Our free consultation is designed to cater to your individual needs and lifestyle with respect to safety, confidentiality and empathy without judgement in order to find a therapist and treatment that will maximize your success and recovery.  We are available for any questions you may have and will keep your well being our first priority.

How Long Do I Have To Be in Individual Therapy Before I Feel Better?

There is no definitive time limit to individual recovery, everyone has a different situation with unique personal goals.  We have seen positive results in just two to six sessions of therapy, while others prefer to continue meeting with their therapist for longer periods of time.  Whatever pace you are comfortable with we will support and find solutions, guiding you along your path to mental health and happiness. 

What Should I Know Before My First Session?

The first session between you and a new therapist is always a process of getting to know each other, creating a mutual understanding and finding a form of respectful communication.  Ultimately you will discuss and set goals that you would like to achieve together.  It is helpful to lay out a specific treatment plan to better focus on a transparent collaboration.  

In preparation for your first meeting, you will be asked to fill out the necessary forms and background information online to facilitate and maximize your time with your therapist. 

I Want To Feel Better. How Do I Start?

Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and begin down the path to recovery.  You will speak to one of our specialists about your situation, personal needs and any questions you might have.