Is addiction progressive? Will things get better on their own?

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Yes. Addiction is a progressive disease that if left untreated can cause death. There are 3 stages: early, middle and late. In the early stages of addiction is when an individual uses drugs with no negative consequences. This stage is called experimentation. It is enjoying a drink or smoking a joint with friends and not having any legal or social consequences. In the middle stage or when an individual misuses drugs, they begin to experience consequences ( going to a party and getting drunk and then getting a DUI). If an individual continues “misusing” drugs and experiencing negative consequences it is a sign of addiction in the waiting. In the late stages of addiction an individual continues to use despite these negative consequences. At this point they may want to stop having these consequences and may not recognize that drugs and alcohol are the problem. They blame others, believe they have “bad luck”, believe they can stop if they really want to, etc.. by this stage they are physically and emotionally dependent to the substance abuse and cannot recover unless they are intervened upon.

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