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recovery hack Jan 27, 2021


Welcome to our blog, and my first post. I am hoping that this blog becomes  a resource for people in recovery.

Please note that ANYTHING posted here is simply OPINION, and not the gospel!

I believe that we all "do recovery" at our own pace, and learn the lessons that we learn, just as we are intended to learn them, by divine grace.

It took me a LONG time to really get this lesson: First thing's first.

How I start my day has an enormous impact on my experience moving forward.

Very, very often when I first open my eyes in the morning, I am greeted by a voice in my head called "the monkey" (used interchangeably with "the disease," "the 10,000 pound Gorilla"). We can call it the "hyper-critical parent" too. 

The monkey says something like this: "what's up jackass! Top of the morning to ya! Are you ready for things to finally, and completely unravel today?" It will then run through every possible failing that I could possibly face, and ensure me that they will come...

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