Common Couples Issues

Couples Therapy Tip: Relationship Inventory

RELATIONSHIP INVENTORY Answering the following questions often leads to insight in my patients who seek both individual and couples therapy. Please describe your feelings in this relationship with your spouse, I.e. “I feel rejected when he/she …”, “I feel controlled when he/she does…” Describe your needs that are not being met. Do you feel some of the same emotions in other areas of your life such as work, friends and others? Make a list of characteristics and behaviors that you like about your spouse. Do you have some of the same characteristics? How are these characteristics similar to the one(s) related to your parents?

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Addiction Treatment in Miami

Struggling with intimacy in recovery

Chemical dependency and intimacy dysfunction are closely linked and both need to be treated simultaneously.  To address intimacy in recovery it is crucial to treat the chemical dependency first. However, if issues of intimacy and sexuality are not addressed by the therapist, the patient will find it difficult to bring up this topic on his/her own initiative. Some of the problems an individual may have are : Difficulty with intimacy in relationships, uncomfortable with sexuality in recovery, incest and child abuse, shame as a barrier to intimacy, dependency needs of men and women, having inadequate boundaries, sexual problems for men

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Sex Therapy

Women’s Sexuality

Women’s Sexuality – Therapy for a happy and fulfilling Sex Life The purpose of this article is to discuss the history of women’s sexuality, female sexual anatomy and response, sexual dysfunction and treatment, sexuality through the life cycle, the partner, and specific techniques on how to help yourself. It is very important  that women and their partners learn how to enjoy more sexually satisfied lives. It has been reported that a physical problem (decrease in blood flow to the vagina and uterus) may cause a decreased sexual response through a history of the female sexuality dating back to 30000 B.C.

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Compulsive Masturbation and Pornography Use

Sexual Compulsivity and Paraphilias

What are  Sexual Compulsivity and Paraphilias? Paraphilia Related Disorders (PRD), also referred to as sexual compulsivity, are not well recognized even though they have been present for some time. These disorders include socially accepted forms of sexual expression that become intrusive or excessive for the patient and are accompanied by personal distress and significant impairment. Paraphilias are socially deviant, persistent, highly arousing, sexual fantasies and urges, which cause personal distress and/or social difficulties. This can revolve around a particular object (children, feet, rubber) or act (exposing oneself, being physically injured). In order for a person to be a paraphilia they

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction in young men

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men   Men over the age of 50 most commonly experience erectile dysfunction (ED). However, new studies and surveys show that erectile dysfunction also affects young men, and as many as 25% of men with ED are under the age of 40. Since many young men deal with this problem, it’s essential to learn about the potential causes of ED in younger men.   Erectile Dysfunction – What is It? What is erectile dysfunction? Some men equate it with premature ejaculation, but the two are very different. ED is the inability to achieve or keep an erection that is hard enough for intercourse, or the inability to

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