Addiction Treatment: How is addiction treated?

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What do you see in terms of treatment. You work at a treatment facility and you worked at a treatment facility for a while. What course of action is generally taken?

Charlene: I think depending on how far the disease has progressed would be the level of care. There’s different types of treatment. There is outpatient, which is basically just see a therapist once a week or twice a week. There’s intensive outpatient, which is about a minimum of 9 hours. There’s residential treatment, which is basically the individual is removed from their environment and placed in a more controlled environment to be able to separate them from whatever their drug of choice or process of choice is.

Basically depending on how far your disease has progressed would be where the level of care would come into play. I personally believe that in order to be in outpatient or intensive outpatient there needs to be a pretty high level of motivation to stay clean, to stay sober from whatever your substance is.

Again, it depends on how far the disease has progressed.

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