Month: May 2014

Why Resentments Diminish Sexual Desire?

Good sex requires more than just passion to work. It also requires a willingness to be open to one’s partner, especially emotionally open. When a partner holds resentment for any reason, that openness is compromised. In fact, resentment negatively affects nearly every enterprise a person engages in, according to Psychology Today (link below). Resentments in a romantic or marriage partnership can …

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Sex Addiction: an Attachment and Intimacy Disorder

Sex addiction can wreak havoc on a marriage. Sex addicts have obsessive thoughts regarding sexacts, fantasies and think about sex so much that it occupies a disproportionate amount of their time. This can create a number of problems for married couples. It is my belief and understanding that sexaddiction is really an intimacy and attachment disorder. People that suffer from sex addiction often have trouble: stopping the addiction on their own. gaining the trust …

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What is compulsive masturbation?

Masturbation is frequently viewed as a dirty, shameful, even sinful act. Ironically, our sexualized society has deemed sex, whether alone or with another person, a taboo subject, something we should rarely acknowledge. The truth is that masturbation is as natural as the sexual urges that prompt it, and, according to Dr. Gloria Brame, a clinical sexologist, it’s …

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How to build intimacy after infidelity

For a woman, intimacy in a relationship involves intimate shared moments, whether emotional, intellectual or sexual. When two persons have an intimate marriage, they communicate on many levels. While sharing certain common likes and dislikes matters, intimacy extends beyond mere shared commonalities. An intimate moment occurs when a man and woman are able to transcend the mundane world. A …

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Erectile Dysfunction and Pornography

Erectile Dysfunction and the Use of Pornography   One recent study published by the Journal of Sex Medicine shows that of the diagnosed cases of erectile dysfunction, 25% of those cases involve young men.[1] Another study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, noted that 30% of young men deal with erectile dysfunction today.[2] Among younger men dealing with sexual dysfunction, sex …

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